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The 8P Cosmos is a Personal Development E-Learning business that teaches about the physical and mental manifestation of the 8 Pillars of Holistic Health & Wellness. 

The 8P Cosmos courses are based on three essential stages that build up on each other and are separated into 18 modules. The first stage is suitable for everyone who wants to improve their mental, physical and spiritual level while the second and third stage take the gathered knowledge and teach you how to develop your own coaching skills and become successful in securing a strong Marketing and PR campaign that will help not only yourself to sustain a stable income but also create a snowball effect to inspire more people around the globe to awaken and potentially become life-coaches themselves.

Why are Life-Coaches

so important?

A true life-coach is someone who basically replaces a physician, psychologist, fitness trainer, nutritionist, teacher and even a marketing and finance expert.

True Life-Coaches are born Indigo children who possess a wide palette of skills, abilities and an extensive life-experience they had to go through before being able to share their knowledge and wisdom with others. 

They are what we also call MENTORS. However, don't expect an old grey-haired man or woman to teach you. That's an old-fashioned and very out-dated stereotype of a mentor.


Life-coaches will be needed now and in the future to prepare humanity for the next step of evolution here on Earth and in Space. The system shift is well underway and that's where life-coaches come in to guide and educate the majority of clueless and old system-stuck people who have been in a sleeping beauty slumber for far too long.


The 8P Cosmos of

Holistic Health & Wellness (E-Courses)

The 8P Cosmos of Holistic Health and Wellness describes the 8 essential life-pillars that every human being must master in this 3D realm before being able to access the 4th and 5th dimension. Cultivating our body, mind and soul must be paramount for the next step of mankind's evolution.

Balancing the 8 Pillars of Holistic Health and Wellness will enable you to foresee and withstand any crisis, adapt, adjust accordingly to move forward with a clear mind, and help society evolve on many levels that even include science and technology.

The 8P Cosmos teaches you to become like a strong, durable, versatile and long-lasting bamboo that bends but doesn't break and is flexible yet firmly rooted.

2021 Courses



The following courses are designed as an addition to the Holistic Health and Wellness Modules and will prepare you physically and mentally for a healthy and conscious future on Earth and in Space by using the knowledge you've gained to teach others and contribute to a growing physical and mental stability among society.

Tai Chi


Learn about controlling your Qi (energy) and harness it to keep a healthy body, mind, and soul but also use it to improve your quantum-physical skills.

Women Practicing Yoga


Improve the flexibility of your body, mind, and soul. Stretch your Qi (energy) in all directions to release stress and balance your life on every level. 

Mudra Meditation


Release stress, doubts, anger, and sadness but also learn how to manifest your dreams, wishes and goals in life by activating your Qi (energy).

Writing by the Water

Remote V

Use the power of your Qi (energy) to become a remote viewing vessel and learn to foresee events in order to prepare ahead of disasters.


The following courses are essential scientific and health guaranteeing

life-style anchors for a future long-lasting existence within a blooming society here on Earth and in Space. All four courses build a basis for the creation of an everlasting system that is focused on ancient yet universal sciences, health and wellness teachings used by higher civilizations.

Image by Nehal Patel

Feng Shui

Learn how to develop basic Feng Shui skills and build your energy loaded home by activating the right pillars for health, luck, money, and success in your life. 

Image by Paweł Czerwiński


Use the color frequencies of your clothes and your interior design to activate specific vibrations that are able to heal, boost, and comfort you in life as well as at work.

Image by Katherine Hanlon


Get to know the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine by learning more about herbs and teas to detox, cure, and protect you from any illness.

Image by Nadine Primeau


Become more aware about the healthiest way of cooking but also planting your own food, and choosing the best nutrition plan for your body.


The following courses cover the basics in strategic Marketing & PR that are needed to ensure you and your business a solid ground, even through lock-down times, but also enable you to support any organizational or governmental project for the benefit of becoming an active part during any reset or exploration period here on Earth and in Space.

Image by Slidebean


Learn about the importance of branding your product with the right graphic design and slogan but also the channels you can use to support your brand.

Image by Carlos Muza


Market your product the ethical way and appeal to an international audience that will help your business to rapidly grow within 3 months.

Image by dole777

Social Media

Become more familiar with the power of Social Media Marketing and learn the secret of growing your audience organically.

Image by Morning Brew


Train how to sell your products efficiently, educate yourself in

e-commerce laws, software, platforms, project management, and many more.



Learn which equipment to use for an easy mobile shooting, how to film yourself or your surrounding, set lighting, choose the right angles, and record your audio professionally.



Overcome your fear of editing and get to know the best and simplest to use apps on the market that will make editing so much easier for you. Also, learn how to use their mobile features.


The following courses are not meant to make you fluent in any of the below languages but rather teach you important vocabulary, grammar, expression and cultural understanding to connect and communicate with the two most important geopolitical and historical cultures in extreme situations here on Earth and in Space. As for the ancient languages, they are the mother and father of all languages and therefore important to grasp the understanding of any other language, medical, or legal term you might come across from time to time.

J. E. Kerry holds a Latinum and a Graecum diploma (8 years in Highschool) and has studied Chinese Language and Literature in China.
She was also a German Literature major.
Image by Jonathan Pielmayer


Learn about why English derived from the Germanic languages. Make yourself familiar with reading ancient texts and train your vocabulary and grammar.

Image by Mick Haupt


Dive into the oldest language of the world and educate yourself more about vocabulary, grammar, characters, culture, literature and ancient history.


Ancient Greek

Embrace and educate yourself about the mother of all Indo-European languages and learn how to read, write, pronounce correctly, and translate essential historical quotes and texts.


Ancient Latin

Get to know more about the father of all Indo-European languages and learn how to read, write, pronounce correctly, and translate essential historical quotes and texts.

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