Meet J. E. Kerry

Life-Coach, Yogi, Nutrition Expert

J. E. Kerry is a 1984 German-born Entrepreneur, Life-Coach, Yogi, Nutrition Expert, Speaker, Executive, and award-winning writer, director and producer.

As an Indigo child, she grew up as a highly skilled language, philosophy, and technology connoisseur, artist, dancer, martial artist, Taoist and Yogi while giving weekly classes at the Martial Arts and Yoga school of her parents since the age of 13, adding a black belt (received at same age) and two world champion titles in Kobudo to her curriculum.

More than a decade ago, she moved from Germany to China where she intensified her long-term training but also opened her own film production company and supported various state-owned and private Chinese corporations as a certified Marketing, Branding and E-Commerce manager for the overseas market.

During her time on the mainland, she expanded her knowledge in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Traditional Chinese Massage, Tai Chi and Qi Gong as well.


Kerry is also a certified Feng Shui advisor, Remote Viewer, and Speaker who has filled many auditoriums in China as a cultural and high-performance leadership coach and ambassador for a democratic and spiritual society of tomorrow.

Having said goodbye to the country that holds so much potential but is led by the wrong people, she's now back to Europe sharing her professional knowledge and life experience with like-minded souls to help foster a deeper understanding of the essential eight pillars of holistic health and wellness to prepare society for stage 3-5 of the Fourth Turning, linked to the Agenda 2030 and the final step of Full Disclosure.

J. E. Kerry made her debut as a novelist in December 2019 with the first sequel "Spacetime Warriors" of the epic SciFi series "The Chronicles of Qi". Due to the outbreak of Covid19 and its geopolitical and financial aftermath, her high budget feature film of the same name with well-known attached Hollywood and other international Cast such as Henry Ian Cusick (The 100, Lost, Mac Gyver, The Passage), Wesley Wong (Pacific Rim: Uprising, The Legend of White Snake, L.S. Rush), Francois Goeske (French for Beginners, Blutige Anfänger, Armans Secret) and many more had to be put on ice and is currently out for option. Her screenplay won the Canada Golden Maple Film Award in 2017 as Best Original Screenplay (Silver).

The "Super Soldier" story of the book is surrounded by important geopolitical, scientific and technological elements that show a society after the "Full Disclosure" of our present century and the world finally having come together as an EARTH NATION. The focus in this first sequel lies especially on the so-called New Asia Plateau and mainland China as a non-totalitarian country of mixed-race people who live in the world's largest futuristic dome-shaped city, the A-Nation Central Dome City.

The hero of this story is an orphaned monk, Wang Long Sheng, who returns from the sacred Taoist mountains to this central dome city after having been recruited by his childhood friend who now works for a secret super soldier program that is looking to set up a very skilled and uniquely gifted SPACETIME WARRIOR unit to go back in time and find out more about the sudden arrival of the humanoid alien Lyr-ans and their colonization on Earth that leads back to a deal they've made centuries ago during the time of the "Old World Order".  (More Here)

The story also teaches the reader in depth about the meaning of "Qi" (the universal energy, power, force) and the Taoist ideology and philosophy of the creation and transformation of all things in existence.

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